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Novel antibiotics show promise in fight against superbugs

4 February 2015

A scientific paper released today in the Journal of Antibiotics shows tremendous promise in the fight against multi-drug resistant bacteria, such as MRSA or Golden Staph. The work is the result of an international cross-collaboration of scientists led by Dr Ramiz Boulos of Flinders University and involves researchers from the University of Western Australia, University of Queensland, University of Texas, Massachusetts General Hospital and the University of Colorado.

Corresponding author on the paper, Dr Ramiz Boulos, Chief Executive Officer of the Adelaide-based pharmaceuticals company, Boulos & Cooper Pharmaceuticals, is currently facilitating the research and development required to get the new antibiotics to market. “This is a very exciting time for us”, Dr Boulos said, “the growth in antibiotic resistance is a serious threat to public health, and we have a real opportunity here to develop effective antibiotics to treat life-threatening bacterial infections.”

The new class of antibiotics target the mechanosensitive channel of large conductance (MscL), originally predicted using computer modelling. “Due to the importance of its physiological role, coupled with the use of a novel class of antibiotics, targeting the mechanosensitive channel of large conductance is likely to slow resistance-emergence”, Dr Boulos said.

In developing the new antibiotics, Dr Boulos has built upon his thesis research from his time as a student at the University of Western Australia and his work at Flinders University. He started his own pharmaceutical company, Boulos & Cooper Pharmaceuticals, in 2013.

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