Research and development


Based on animal studies and other research undertaken to date, our new class of antimicrobials are expected to possess a range of advantages over existing antibiotic treatments, including effectiveness against a range of drug-resistant bacteria (including Gram-negative bacteria which are almost totally resistant to current antibiotics), high tolerance in patients, long shelf life in extreme weather conditions and a scaleable, low expected cost of manufacture. Our antimicrobials also have low minimum inhibitory concentrations (MICs), being the concentrations at which they inhibit the growth of bacteria. These MICs, which range from as low as 0.5 μg/mL, are comparable to those of commercial antibiotics.

Our antibiotics are expected to have several other competitive advantages over existing antibiotics, including:

– being well tolerated at high dosage levels;
– low cost of manufacture; and
– stability in a wide range of environmental conditions (minimising the need for refrigeration etc)
– antioxidant properties